MS Porras Oy   is a sales company

working with the projects of

non-standard individual houses

and public spaces. 

Currently, our main assortment consists

of such
non-standard goods, delivered

to individual orders only, as:

- Stairs and railings

- Fences and gates

- Sectional garage doors

- Other home interior accessories

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  Also, we are constantly looking for designers,

architects, furniture producers and construction

companies for continual cooperation both in

Finland as well as outside of it. We provide our

partners with additional technical information,

product samples and catalogs. We also offer

favourable prices and contractual terms and

conditions. If interested in our products or

cooperation with us, please contact us at:

Tel. +358 50 321 8887

E-mail.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently, we provide our services to direct

customers throughout the entire Finland.